In Russia will create grenades for CCTV

In Russia will create grenades for CCTV

The development of new grenades included in the development strategy of the NGO “Device” until 2030.

Scientific-production Association “Pribor” intends to develop a series of special grenades with electronics for the advanced grenade launcher “Balkan”. In an interview with the Agency TASS said General Director Yury Nabokov. According to him, special ammunition includes grenades with cameras for surveillance and electronic warfare systems.

Currently in service with Russia is several types of grenade launchers. They all use the grenade rounds of the same classes: smoke, gas, stun, heat, fragmentation and thermobaric. At the same ammunition with complex electronics, e.g. programmable system remote detonation, the troops yet.

According to Nabokov, the development of new electronic ammunition specified in the company’s development strategy until 2030 and that the project work has not started yet. Probably, the development of a new grenade launcher shots will begin after the adoption of the new grenade launcher “Balkan” on Board. Other details of ammunition is not specified.

“Device” is developing a grenade launcher AGS-40 “Balkan” since 1990-ies. This 40-millimeter machine gun has a mass of 32 kilograms. The grenade launcher is rate of fire 400 rounds per minute, maximum range is 2.5 thousand meters.