The Tu-204 moved by the wind in Ulyanovsk

The Tu-204 moved by the wind in Ulyanovsk

The strong wind nearly blew multi-ton Tu-204 no engine, which stands at the plant “Aviastar-SP” in Ulyanovsk. This was reported on the company’s website in Facebook.

“In the night from 3 to 4 February, unidentified snow storm tried to take Tu-204, which stood on the open ground aviation plant. But something went wrong and he managed to cause only the lower tail of the plane. Then the attacker calmed down”, — joked in the message.

Buran tried to steal the Tu-204 from the factory “Aviastar-SP”. Played in early February, bad weather in the European part of Russia …

Published Aviation complex to them. Ilyushin on 6 February 2018.During the download an error has occurred.

At the moment, the plane returned to its original position. It is reported that the incident did not affect the technical condition of the aircraft. The fuselage, wings and tail are not damaged.

The Tu-204 medium — haul narrow-body passenger aircraft. Designed to replace the Tu-154 airlines. Since 1990, produced at the plant “Aviastar-SP”. One of the few passenger aircraft that proved in practice the possibility of safe completion of the flight with an inoperative engine. His weight is 58 tons, length — 46 meters.