How to take medication. Easy tip

How to take medication. Easy tip

95% of the population at least once taken drugs, 20% do so every day.

It is very often the appointment is made without complying with the important rules, but because the medications are unhelpful, and even harmful. Important rules of admission tells the pharmacist with 50 years of experience in the pharmacy Irina Dubanosau:

My colleagues told me about the buyer who used rectal suppositories for oral, simply, washed down with water. Came to the pharmacy with the claim: did not help, they say. And the other tried a pill for potency to put in the body that needed help. Erection did not happen, but almost had to go to a surgeon. Perhaps both cases — nothing more than an anecdote, but when buying drugs, be sure to read the instructions before use and clear to follow.

Chew or suck?

Be sure to follow the prescribed method of application, otherwise there is a risk that the active ingredient simply will not reach the destination. If the instruction says “chewable pill” — chew, “sucking” suck it, ordered to “be put under the tongue”, put it. If it is not written: “to bite”, “chew”, mandatory swallow whole with water. In an extreme case, before swallowing crush, but only if the tablet is not coated. Otherwise grinding will lead to a deterioration of the absorption of the medication.

If the pill has no dividing lines, do not break it — then half the dose for the application is not provided. Not pour and not pour the contents of the pill out of the capsule drug specifically placed in this and not in some other form. So it absorb better and safer.

More than two not to take?

It is better not to take several different medications. Especially if they are assigned to different specialists. Of course, it is better to consult in the appointment of the new drug with the doctor, telling him what drugs you are already assigned.

If, however, the reception of various tablets were found to be necessary, take them one after the other, and with a break of 30-60 minutes.

For example: antibiotics you should not drink with antipyretic drugs, antihistamines. Iron supplements can not be combined with antacids (Almagel, Maalox, gaviscon, etc.). Oral contraceptives (marvelon, non-dark, Janine, three, merci, etc.) is incompatible with aspirin, antibiotics and sulfonamides (streptocid, Biseptol). Do not drink at the same time papaverine and aspirin, vitamin C and penicillin, Dibazol and tetracycline.

When treated with enterosorbents (activated charcoal, POLYSORB, smectite) break between them and other drugs (any!) must be at least 2 hours.

If in doubt about how to correctly take medicines, try to obtain information from different sources.