Walk under Martian crater

Walk under Martian crater

Specialist NASA Vasavada Ashwin (Ashwin Vasavada) had a virtual tour with the Mars Rover “Curiosity” (Curiosity) in Gale crater. Curiosity showed their route from the landing site to Yellowknife Bay and up to the crossing of the dunes of Bagnold. On the background of the photos show mount sharp and the Gale crater, which once may have been a giant lake with suitable conditions for life.

Mars panorama created from images from the Mars Rover Curiosity. Photo taken 25 October 2017, when the weather on Mars was nice and clear, which allowed the Rover to see terrain features in Gale crater, the rim of the crater, and even take a picture of the mountain, which is located at a distance of over 80 miles away.

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The white balance in the photographs has been adjusted so that the colors of the mountains and the rocks looked the same in daylight on Earth.

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