Named unexpected harm sunflower oil

Named unexpected harm sunflower oil

MOSCOW, 1 Feb — RIA Novosti. Prolonged consumption of sunflower oil or fish oil can lead to serious liver problems, found researchers from University of Granada. About the discovery reported on the website Medicalxpress, citing the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

The researchers conducted a comprehensive analysis of the reaction of rat liver in long-term use of olive and sunflower oil, and fish oil. In particular, the specialists measured the length of telomeres, followed ultrastructural changes in the body through electron microscope.

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Scientists have found that the liver was healthier at the group of rats who consumed olive oil. In turn, sunflower oil led to fibrosis and ultrastructural changes, and fish oil increased the oxidative processes associated with age, changed the length of telomeres and therefore slow down the respiratory chain electron transport in mitochondria. Also sunflower oil and fish oil increased the chances of Contracting metabolic nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

Telomeres — the end segments of chromosomes, whose shortening is associated with aging, and elongation with cancer.

Metabolic nonalcoholic steatohepatitis is caused by excess accumulation of triglycerides in liver with the activation of free radical oxidation, damage to cell membranes. In the absence of proper treatment of steatohepatitis goes into liver cirrhosis.