The Federation Council will respond to “Kremlin report” law of sovereignty of the Russian Federation

The Federation Council will respond to “Kremlin report” law of sovereignty of the Russian Federation

Federation Council Commission for the protection of state sovereignty is developing a bill that would consolidate the concept of “interference in the sovereignty of the country”.

“There are many instances of interference by foreign powers in the internal Affairs of our country. Advancing legislative initiatives that we believe position the “mirror effect” of measures aimed at countering foreign interference”, — quotes RBC co-author of the document Lyudmila Bokova.

Interference in the internal Affairs of the country, the senators called “not based on international law and international treaties of the illegal attempts to influence the decisions of state bodies of the country”, said participating in the work of the Commission, the President of Fund “Institute of regional projects and legislation” Boris Nadezhdin.

According to him, the second sign of the intervention — the desire to disturb the natural course of the political process in the country. Sovereignty is, according to the bill, “the sovereignty of the States in the country.”

The development of the bill will be Russia’s response to “Kremlin report”, said RBC and political consultant Dmitry Fetisov. “Despite the fact that “report” was accepted by the Russian elite as it is frankly comical, diplomatic relations require a corresponding response, and it is obvious that this mission will be entrusted to the Federation Council”, — he said.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance of the USA has published the document on the officials and businessmen close to President Vladimir Putin. In total, the list includes 210 people — 114 96 officials and businessmen. Getting into this list does not mean automatic imposition of sanctions. Vladimir Putin himself in the list are not included.

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