In Britain, women police were allowed to strip down and cry

In Britain, women police were allowed to strip down and cry

Women police in the English County of Nottinghamshire made a special “crying room” at work to handle my emotions during menopause. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Female employees are allowed to take frequent breaks, will give access to showers, and also provide a fan or moved to a workplace that is blown by the breeze. Under the new rules, women must also have the ability to change or remove a piece of clothing to cope with hot flashes — one of the typical menopause symptoms.

In addition, the police should be “private area” where they can “get some rest, to cry or to talk to colleagues.”

They are allowed to come to work late and risk their directions on the job will appreciate the advanced. Nottinghamshire police have imposed these rules because middle-aged women often left the service precisely because of the disturbing symptoms of menopause.

Some considered this policy is too strong relief, as to the fifth ten years of the employee should be able to take himself in hand. Others point out that menopause should be treated almost like motherhood. A member of Parliament from the conservatives, David Davis (David Davis) indicated that to allocate such a room crying — “it’s a little insulting to women officers who daily are faced with very tough situations.”

The publication notes that in recent years more and more employers are adopting internal policies related to menopause in women. Among them are the University of Leicester and the largest energy company in Germany E. ON.