In the Urals mined emerald weighing 1.6 kg

In the Urals mined emerald weighing 1.6 kg

EKATERINBURG, 29 Jul — RIA Novosti. Emerald weighing 1.6 kilograms was produced at the Malyshev mine (OP “Malysheva”, structural subdivision of JSC “Kaliningrad amber combine”, included in GC rostec), according to experts, these findings are made once a decade, said on Monday the Department of information policy of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region.

Unique crystal was found in a breakage face of mine. Druze sticking out of the wall, I noticed the foreman and Deputy chief geologist.

“Crystal noticed and brought to the surface, preserving it in its original form. It indicates the high professionalism and well-coordinated work of our employees. For this they have already received the award,” given in the message words of the Director of OP “Malysheva” Yevgeny Vasilevsky.

It is reported that the translucent light green stone is appreciated by members of the Gokhran of Russia: the quality it refers to the second variety, color second.

According to preliminary estimates, the value of the mineral exceeds four million rubles.

The new name of the large emerald is not given.

“Malyshev Deposit has been known all over the world, including unique finds. Currently, the company developed a comprehensive capacity development programme that will ensure the increase in production, respectively, the acquisition of new rare minerals”, — quotes the Department of information policy of the Minister of industry and science of the region Sergey Perestoronina.

The Department notes that Malyshevsky mine has had a difficult time. Here for many years have produced beryl ore, and rare metals for the defence and nuclear industries. In 1990-e years there was a threat of flooding of the mines and their destruction. In 2008, at the Federal level was supported by the request of the administration of Sverdlovsk region on transition of the mine to the responsible property owner for the further development of the unique deposits. They became the Kaliningrad amber plant.

Field in the village of Malyshev is the largest Deposit of emeralds in Europe and in Russia.

The company recycles 93,7 thousand tons of rock. Daily produces up to one and a half kilograms of emeralds, beryls 30 kilograms, 100 grams of alexandrite.