Critics believe the grotesque images in the movie “Death of Stalin” attribute Comedy

Critics believe the grotesque images in the movie “Death of Stalin” attribute Comedy

MOSCOW, January 26. /TASS./ The grotesque image of historical characters in the British film “Death of Stalin” is a familiar attribute of Comedy. This opinion was expressed by TASS renowned film critics.

“As said by Karl Marx, “mankind, laughing, leaves the past,” said film critic Cyril Razlogov. He noted that the picture “made in the genre of historical grotesque, challenging, unique, talented”.

In his opinion, to ban “Death of Stalin” is also incorrect, as, for example, “the Three Musketeers” incorrect image of Louis XIII. “This is the genre of the adventure novel, and a genre of a grotesque political Comedy, the genre was banned during the Soviet era. After there are options puppet shows with our then leaders, it was possible for Yeltsin to see. Then fashion it to some extent has gone, but in the world the genre has existed, the picture was shown at festivals and in theaters in many countries of the world,” said the Razlogov.

He added that earlier no reservations about the fact that the picture is somehow “hurting Russia” was not.

Normal feature art

“The film, anyone may like, may not like anyone to disturb and offend, it is a perfectly normal feature of the art. At all times it was so, and is unlikely to ever change,” TASS said film critic Anton Dolin.

According to him, historical figures really represented in the movie in a not very favorable light. “Because the picture of the comic, they are shown the grotesque characters. In addition, the film based on the comic book, and comic characters are not always very similar to real people. I am very sorry for the descendants of historical characters, but I think this is not the first case when they encounter traktove activities of their ancestors. Even if their feelings are hurt, it should not become a reason to ban a movie,” — said of the Valley.