The health Ministry brought four mandatory criteria of a healthy lifestyle

The health Ministry brought four mandatory criteria of a healthy lifestyle

The rejection of alcohol in them is not included.

The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation determined basic criteria a healthy lifestyle that must be performed at the same time, said the CEO of National medical research centre (SMRC) cardiology, chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of preventive medicine, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Sergey Fighters.

“What is a healthy lifestyle? Not a fictional concept, and the concept is computed. This is when a person fulfills four conditions: first, do not smoke, second, if he consumes less than 400 grams of vegetables and fruit a day, engaged in moderate and high activity for at least 30 minutes, for example, walking at an intense pace. The fourth condition is normal or low salt intake, i.e. not more than 5 grams per day,” — said the Fighters at a press conference at Central office “Interfax” on Wednesday.

He noted that, for example, “if a person smokes and performs all other terms, his way of life is unhealthy.” “We are talking about the fact that all four factors must be simultaneously, only then is it really a healthy way of life,” — explained Fighters.

“If a person has a set of positive qualities of the lifestyle, the probability of death from diseases of the circulatory system (BSC) or total mortality at it for three years reduced by 50% in comparison with those people who do not have these positive characteristics. That’s why we have included these variables,” said Fighters.

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