Plumberry car. Everything you need to know about the selection of ice cream

Plumberry car. Everything you need to know about the selection of ice cream

In the midst of winter, on 24 January, the world celebrates the day of the eskimo.

Despite the fact that this delicacy is considered to be a summer, ice cream lovers are ready to eat it all year round. But how to understand that the production of ice cream broken technology? Is it possible to determine the presence of vegetable fats, dyes and secondary freeze? Aephi and experts Roskoshestvo tell you what to look for when choosing a popular delicacy.

1. That should be a part of this ice cream?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the label. According to GOST 31457-2012 based ice cream lay the milk or cream, natural flavors and stabilizers, butter and eggs. TR CU “On safety of milk and dairy products” 033/2013 of 09.10.2013 No. 67 ice cream belongs to the subgroup of dairy composite products. This means that the percentage of milk in such products should be more than 40%.

But in addition to the amount of milk it is important to pay attention to the fat content. It is always indicated in percent and affects the name of the ice cream:

  • milk (not more than 7.5%);
  • butter (from 8.0 to 11.5%);
  • ice cream (from 12.0 to 20.0%).

And, of course, you wouldn’t want to overpay for a non-existent weight of the product. It should be listed in grams as all the products in accordance with GOST 31457-2012 measured by the specialists in this unit, and the indication of manufacturer’s weight, for example, ml does not match the actual weight.