The flood in Paris: closed promenades and a major subway line

The flood in Paris: closed promenades and a major subway line

The water level in the Seine continues to rise, the museums are preparing for the evacuation of art. The river rises every year, but now it happened unusually early, say residents.

In Paris the flood. Embankments and major subway line is closed. The water level of the Seine has already reached five meters at a rate of around two metres. Flooded bridges and roadways on the waterfront, the museums in the city centre preparing for the evacuation of priceless art stored in the basement.

By Friday, January 26, is expected to exceed the level of six meters. The last time this figure was reached during the floods of 2016, which France killed four people.

On the situation in the city says a resident of Paris, head of the editorial Board of the newspaper “Russian thought” Victor Lupan:

Hay every year overflows its banks, sometimes stronger, sometimes less. Paris was flooded several times. All the last time half the town was flooded, maybe a hundred years ago. This year is very much up level and begin to worry, begin to evacuate, for example, the basement of the Louvre, which is located on the banks of the Seine, could flood the subway and so on. Winter was warm, steady rain. Very strong perturbations of the road, because on the banks of the Seine there are cars, so traffic jams are unbelievable, worth a couple of hours. Power on the radio constantly warn: avoid the center of the city. This usually happens in March, this in the end of January did not happen. Maybe it’s warming, maybe something else, but Parisians are very worried: if this level now, what will happen in March. Then do a city to flood. Fears, of course, but panic is a no-no.

One of the strongest floods in Paris was recorded in 1910, when the water exceeded 8.5 meters, inundating a quarter of the territory of the French capital. According to various reports, the flooding lasted from a week to a month. Historians have estimated damage from the floods and 400 million francs and a half billion dollars in modern money.