HYIP for Stalin. Comment By Georgy Bovt

HYIP for Stalin. Comment By Georgy Bovt

British film “Death of Stalin” the Russian audience may never see in theaters. Black humor on the theme of Russian history was not the taste of the Ministry of culture.

The film “Stalin’s Death” deprived of a distribution certificate. The Ministry of culture was asked to check the Comedy on extremism. Vladimir Medinsky said that the audience can perceive the picture as a mockery “of the country that defeated fascism, the Soviet army and of ordinary people.”

Medina also commented on reports that he had previously denied the possible ban of the picture. “The question was asked in the corridor on the run, film in a culture did not exist. No one saw him. Now we have the film, including lawyers, and members of the Public Council. And opinion on the film came together,” he told TASS .

The film is British Director Armando iannucci the on period of the power struggle immediately after the death of Stalin. The picture was supposed to go 30 in the capital’s cinemas, including a network “Karo” and “Formula Kino”. The fate of the film have?

Don’t have time to lie down passion for “Matilda” as the next premiere of the film on themes related to national history, runs the risk of being ripped off. Yes, even after the recent mini-scandal over foreign film about Paddington bear, the premiere of which the Ministry of culture tried unsuccessfully to move on the Feb. According to some, to ensure that the film is about how the Soviet players defeated the U.S. at the Munich Olympics in 1972, has collected more cash.

The Ministry of culture currently was downright at the forefront of the struggle for purity and strength “braces”, despite the fact that the danger of sabotage, provocation and vile enemies literally everywhere. If not in every film, one after the other.

Now generally a special case. After “black Comedy” on the subject of a fierce struggle for power within the Soviet elite after the death of “great leader” — not “Matilda” and especially not any bear. Some here have seen not only an insult to the Soviet anthem, symbols and comrade Zhukov, but also veterans of the great Patriotic war.

Because, as realized opponents of the release, “black Comedy” opens on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the battle of Stalingrad, which falls on 2 February.

Although, strictly speaking, the theme of the battle of Stalingrad in the film is not affected in any way.

And yet, as politically vigilantly noticed a member of the Public chamber of Russia Pavel Pozhigajlo, previously put a lot of effort to fight “Matilda”, we will soon have presidential elections. And now this. And in General, there is a clear “carefully planned provocation”.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Elena Drapeko saw the movie and generally “the element of extremism.” Forgotten, perhaps, as his Soviet period, the film with its participation “the dawns here are quiet” was also accused of some sins of the guardians of Soviet morality.