In the United States found the stupid dog

In the United States found the stupid dog

Clumsy puppy from Maryland himself dug the pit. Dug and stuck in it. Now laughing at him all the social network.

The hostess 10-month-old dog named Cooper took a picture of your pet in the pit they dug, because I just could not capture the moment. Paige Siegel said, that he did not understand why Cooper does not get out of the hole. Realizing why she laughed and couldn’t resist a photo.

Lil Coop’s stages of falling into the hole (that he dug), getting stuck, then accepting it?? ♀ app @dog_rates

paige siegel (@pennies103) January 16, 2018

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So, Cooper became a celebrity on the Internet — Twitter users evaluated the images “the most stupid in the USA dog.”

“When he realized that he can’t get out, his eyes were sad and the entire look is terribly confused. He began to fall back. It looked very funny — a story page for The Daily Mail. He likes to dig holes. This is much bigger than the former: he dug it a few weeks.”

Paige didn’t expect photos of Cooper goes viral. However, this happened because of the owners such as clumsy Pets who have shared stories about their stupid Pets.

Indeed, a common grief brings us together and adds to the popularity!