Catch “little thing”: why is the US a “Shell” called the perfect weapon of Russia


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The American publication the National Interest (NI) spoke about the unique combat capabilities of the Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun complex (zrpk) “Pantsir-S1”, calling it the perfect weapon to reflect the massive attacks of drones. Such a powerful air defense system in the middle of the action, as in Russia, the USA does not exist.

The article States that these systems in the course of the war in Syria was repeatedly struck by various missiles and drones. So, in December 2017, they shot down two rockets that have been released by the militants at the base Hamim. In the night of 5 to 6 January this year — the terrorist attack with the use of shock unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS). This is the first time of their application. In strike was involved in 13 drone-type aircraft. Six of them are destroyed with the use of electronic warfare, the remaining seven complex “Pantsir-s”.

Until recently, the militants, the drones were used primarily for aerial reconnaissance. It was noted only isolated cases of their use in shock. As a rule, it was BLAH homemade, assembled from parts that are commercially available.

To shoot down a drone

At the beginning of the Syrian campaign zrpk “Carapace” has attracted less attention than the long-range s-400 system. While its battery “is the lowest level of a multilevel integrated air defense system”. According to the journalist of the American edition, “Armor” acts as a final line of defense, meets low-flying aircraft and helicopters, missiles, drones and even missiles and artillery. “This ability is crucial today, in the times of missile proliferation,” writes NI.