Explained the dangers of cohabitation with a woman

Explained the dangers of cohabitation with a woman

Sociologists at the University of California have found that women are stronger than men complicate life together. To such conclusion scientists have come, based on the results of the survey, which included respondents of both sexes. This publication reports the Daily Mail. The authors, who published in the journal American Sociological Review.

The study involved 1,100 respondents, about half of them were women. People spoke about 12 thousands of kinship and other relationships, including cohabitation with mothers, sisters and wives. It turned out that the respondents believe that the cohabitation with relatives among men easier than women because the latter are more emotional and susceptible to irritation.

Overall, 15 percent of relationships with female relatives has been difficult for their partners. At the same time, sharing accommodation with friends was difficult only in seven percent of cases.

In 2016, the American statistician Nathan Yao (Nathan Yau) presented data on the 50 most common family in the United States. It turned out that the nuclear family (couple with children) is found in about half of cases, and other types of cohabitation are more strange configurations like three people together to rent an apartment.