Peskov told about the first meeting with Putin

Peskov told about the first meeting with Putin

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in interview to the program “actors with Naila Asker-zade” on TV channel “Russia-1” told about his first meeting with Vladimir Putin. His words on Sunday, January 21, leads TASS.

According to Peskov, the first time the incumbent Russian President, he personally saw in 1999 during the negotiations of Putin, who then held the post of Prime Minister, with the Prime Minister of Turkey Bullentin Agavita.

At that meeting Sands acted as a translator from Turkish.

“It was quite unique, and I have, by the way, remember this only when he came to Moscow and started working in the presidential administration”, — he explained. This Peskov said that it cannot be called a meeting with Putin, since “when the Prime Minister talks, it is, of course, any attention to the translators doesn’t pay”.

He also said that at the time didn’t think it will ever be close to work with the current President of Russia.

Earlier it was reported that in an interview, Peskov told that Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko continue to maintain contacts.