Biceps Aphrodite

Biceps Aphrodite

Natalia Radulov met with the owner of the most of musculature.

Russian woman Nataliya Kuznetsova — the inflated girl on the planet. Once weighed 39 kilos. Now it is called “the Iron Russian”, “Mrs. Steel”, “friend of the Hulk”, and fan clubs 26-year-old bodybuilders exist in many countries.

In the West it is more popular than in Russia. Even comments in her Instagram, almost all in English. “You’re great!” “Russian goddess muscles”, “If there was a perfect woman, it’s you”, — write fans. Natalia Kuznetsova (before marriage Trukhina) — world champion, Europe and Eurasia on the bench press and the deadlift, world champion in airlifting.

Too tight from the chest 175 kg, making the deadlift with a weight of 250 kg, squats with a barbell 280 lbs. is Considered the strongest woman in the world. Here fans and thrilled.

“Instrutec a very different attitude to the athletes — smiles famous female bodybuilder.— They usually only rave reviews left and very warm I am. I love to play abroad — always so many compliments, gifts! But the evil to leave a comment under the photo — it is rather a purely Russian phenomenon. Maybe the life of our citizens nervous, so they bombed? Earlier on fences and in elevators muck wrote, now steam is discharged. What? Comfortable and safe, because the face I’m not stuffed”.

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“We still live in prison”

But in Russia the “iron lady” fans there are. In the online comments she really write a lot unpleasant, but in the face of such no one has yet dared to say. “Of course, if the girl of my complexion appears in the street — the reaction of passersby to this, if aliens landed, — tells Kuznetsova.— In the winter, in street clothes, still not very clear what I represent. And in the summer, if you go on the sidewalk, can the plugs from the cars to meet cars driving slowly, honking, whistling, offer a ride. Always coming over asking to be photographed. In Sochi recently on the waterfront a crowd formed around me, I didn’t know how to get out of there”.

On one of the last sports exhibitions in Moscow Natalia a few hours signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans.

Tired like after a good workout: you have to pose for the camera, straining the muscles.Natalia Kuznetsova

Some even with centimeter tape showed up to see for yourself: the parameters of silacci — volume biceps 48 centimetres, the volume of quadriceps — 74, and the chest — 127 cm — correct.

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Natalia received a degree from the Moscow state Academy of physical culture, but to a serious coaching job has not yet committed. Guest performances, exhibitions, workshops and open trainings bring her basic income. But “friendship” as a goodwill gesture, she refuses to speak. So, together with her husband Vladislav, master of sports in freestyle wrestling, she conducted a master class for inmates of correctional colony No. 15 in the Chelyabinsk region. This colony is one of the sports in the southern Urals: in the modern gym there competitions in armwrestling and kettlebell sport among prisoners many well-known professional athletes. “Natalia showed any program. On the stage was in shorts and a tank top. Usually bodybuilders are in a swimsuit, but we have still a prison, — told reporters the European champion in combat Sambo and MMA Maxim Novoselov, who then was also serving his sentence in IK-15.— Then we in the hall of the biceps and the shoulders shook, she works with my weights, shakes 40-50 kg. I am much in a life has seen, but its opportunities will be surprised!” The inmates were initially shy — this is the first case in Russia when a female bodybuilder came to the men’s prison. And then grew bolder, lined up to be photographed.

Gave me the bag personalized, leather. Rosary beautiful, icon, drew a picture of where I am with my husband. And the table was covered with good tea, coffee.Natalia Kuznetsova

Kuznetsov now doing repairs in a new apartment. Went to the store to choose the electric heater, the champion found out the seller had gasped and stiff legs ran for the Director: “You have no idea who’s here!” The Director ran out, rushed to kiss Natasha’s hands: “You are the pride of Russia! You are so respected!” and to celebrate, gave spouses of any fireplace.

And so the flowers and decorations that Natalie loves that fans give her.Newslooks Like 74-year-old pensioner who has 20 years of experience in bodybuilding

The star of the Russian bodybuilding has never given cause for suspicion to her husband. Yes, they do not leave almost never. Vladislav Kuznetsov, like other athletes, you first wrote Natalia — admired her form, discussed some methods of training. Then offered to work out together. And soon, without thinking, invited to the restaurant: “There gave the ring, offered his hand and heart, it was romantic.” Now the wife and I travel together to performances, lead a small business together, a son Vladislav from his first marriage. Children still do not think. “I’m in the best shape,” explains the athlete.

Another five years will povystupaet, and then the baby will think. It is a myth that bodybuilders can’t have it.Natalia Kuznetsova

“What’s TRANS?”

“Natalia Kuznetsova is a man! — still there are rumors on the Internet.— Otherwise why she has such a rough voice and there’s nowhere her baby pictures?” Maybe tired of these rumors, Natalia and began to publish in their Instagram photo before the start of the sport. At age 14, the future “iron lady” looked like a stick. It is now with the growth of 168 cm, she weighs about 90 pounds, but in the offseason its weight exceeds a ton. And then about the same increase in her weight was 39 pounds. Fear anorexia, a father, a military doctor, and advised her to go to one of the gyms of Chita, where the family then lived.

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“I came to increase body mass. But I and others surprisingly, the training quickly became a visual impact on my body type. In just six months I have tried to speak in their first bodybuilding competitions”. Genetics, of course, then played a key role as Natasha said that her mom could be a successful athlete, at least when they worked together in the fitness club, mother suddenly began to win a little competition: most of all I squatted with a barbell, did the largest number of presses of the rod. A daughter by the age of 18 became a two-time absolute champion in Zabaykalsky Krai on bodybuilding.

The most famous bodybuilders in the world are black. White with good weight and form very little. So I wanted this genetics to develop further and further.Natalia Kuznetsova

“Broad shoulders.” often talk behind her back. And she liked it. The only thing not satisfied is the size of the breast. “In our sport, the girls body fat percentage is very low, so the Breasts will just disappear. I, like many bodybuilders, had a plastic surgery. It is important that the breast implants were placed under the gland, not under the muscle then you can then easily train. All the world records in the bench press bar I installed after the plastic”. Natalie never forgets about makeup, “light” always wears mini skirt or short shorts. Sure — neckline, high heels. “What kind of trance! — rage enemies.— Look at those mounds of muscle! No hair and eyelashes this case will not save”.

And fans just excites the combination of masculinity and femininity a calling.

“Zena — warrior Princess!” — written by fans and asked to star in the lead role in some global blockbuster.

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Natalia starred in the movie, however, while inviting her only episodes. And last year, she made her theater debut, she played on the same stage with Yusif Eyvazov and Anna Netrebko in the Bolshoi theatre production of “Manon Lescaut” — she again went to the cameo one of the public women. “The most important thing for me — iron, — said Kuznetsova.— Workout five times a week — it is a lifestyle that shares with me the husband. Even on vacation, do not be lazy: let the workout will be easy but it will take! I don’t have to somehow force to go to the gym. I know I just have to keep in shape and all. Otherwise, I’m in Instagram will show?” Therefore, she does not know how to answer the most popular question “Why are you doing this?”. Then. “Nobody asked the dancer why she trains hard. Nobody asks an artist why he paints. I’m doing what I’m good at it. This means that I live in Moscow, earn money, communicate with people, I feel happy to give an interview to the magazine “Ogonek”…”.

And athletic body — it’s a different quality of life. It’s like the sports car ride.Natalia Kuznetsova

Popular chemistry

In the fridge at Natalia in addition to chicken Breasts and fat-free yogurt there’s still “a little calf”, a lot of vitamins and medicines. Natalia is one of the few athletes who do not hide the use of anabolic steroids. “For the health of physical exercise and stay straight, — she laughs.— And to achieve good muscle mass, especially women, without additional boosters, supplements and special preparations impossible. Train millions of people are hundreds, and win units. We all, as in any other sport. Just about the methods of training rarely says aloud”.