Why French Actresses are fighting for men’s freedom

Why French Actresses are fighting for men’s freedom

French women protect the right of men to flirt with them. While Hollywood is actively fighting against sexual harassment, star of the French cinema Actresses accuse the us of hypocrisy. “Газета.Ru” — about how in France understand sexual freedom.

The scandal broke after 9 January, the French portal Le Monde published initiated by Catherine Deneuve an open letter with the signatures of hundreds of French women. Ladies various types of arts, including film and literature, expressed dissatisfaction with the wave of allegations of sexual harassment, which in English-speaking countries went under the hashtag #MeToo (“me Too”), and the hashtag #BalanceTonPorc (“Balance his pig”) is his French counterpart.

The letter States that the world faces a new “witch hunt” when a man can’t flirt with any woman, because it will immediately be seen as sexual harassment. “A woman can simultaneously pursue their career and get pleasure from the fact that she is a sexual object for men, and not to be a promiscuous woman or the vile accomplice of the Patriarchy system,” says the letter.

At the same time with the publication of the document, the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe”, where in solidarity with the victims of sexual violence all the guests were dressed in black. The star of the evening was Oprah Winfrey, under the standing ovation she finished her speech by saying:

“Soon we will live in a world where no woman will have to say “me too.”During the download an error has occurred.

The legendary French actress Brigitte Bardot was supported by Deneuve and her supporters. She went further and said that in most cases charges the young women against the alleged rapists “hypocritical, absurd and uninteresting”. January 17, the French newspaper Paris Match published an interview with Bardot in which she talked about how to flirt with producers for a role — it is quite common practice.

“…And then they tell stories about how they were molested, in the end, such statements do not go to their advantage,” concluded the actress.

She also said that was never the victim of sexual harassment and always with a smile took compliments about the beauty of his person and firmness of the buttocks.

Brigitte Bardot is known for loud statements on important social topics. For example, in 2008 the court’s decision the French paid a fine exceeding €15 thousand for the statement that Muslims are destroying France.

This week Catherine Deneuve due to the wave of indignation that hit it after the open letter, explaining to the Internet community. The actress said that the signatories of the letter fully support the prosecution of people using his official position for personal gain.

She expressed condolences to all the really suffered at the hands of abuzerov in the film and fashion industry and stressed that the only real condolences to the victims of these events.

Many comments to the open letter to netizens suggested that the French as a nation in their own way understand what sexual harassment is. “Газета.Ru” discussed the phenomenon of the 20-year-old Nino, student informatiom from Paris. It turned out that he did not share the views of more than a hundred well-known Frenchwomen, which, in his opinion, belong to an entirely different generation.

Nino commented on the letter from the youth position — to his great regret it is at odds with the views of his parents: “I absolutely do not share written Deneuve, like most of my friends throughout the country. Since the advent of the # hashtag #BTP we only support women who dare to tell the truth. I’m incredibly pleased that thanks to the active campaign in the network of men began to understand how frequent cases of harassment against women”.

So different ideas about what you can and cannot do in relation to those who cause you sexual desire, can not be explained by geography, and generational conflict.

Young people under 40 years in France think it is right to take tough measures against abusers: from heavy fines and dismissal from work and ending with imprisonment. In Facebook opponents Deneuve write that she supports violence against women and its views on sexuality “have not changed since the 70s”.

Nino also noted that in France the probability of slander against men is minimal and if you treat any man with respect, that misunderstanding arises: “If you mention in a tweet under the hashtag #BTP, it is likely that you are the problem. I have never felt less relaxed in communicating with the girls either before or after the trend #BalanceTonPorc”.