Flashmob and obscurantism

Flashmob and obscurantism

What do you think Orthodox priests on Epiphany bathing.


On the night of 19 January in most areas of Russia are the Epiphany bathing. However, in a number of cities this year decided to abandon the dive into the icy water. For example, in Vladivostok the abolition of the festive events associated with the shortfall in the city budget did not have enough money for the construction of fonts. Criticism of bathing, which has already become traditional, was made by the local diocese. The local priest Dmitry Bryzgalov believes that Epiphany bathing are irrelevant to religious rituals, and are nothing more than folk tradition. Orthodox priests told the portal iz.ru about his attitude to Epiphany bathing, and that’s why they advise not to stand in queues for the Holy water.

Svyatoslav Shevchenko, the Chairman of the Commission on the family of the diocese of Blagoveschensk

Swimming in the icy water irrelevant to the tradition of the Church. In my estimation, the custom emerged in the early 2000-ies. From now on, I participate in the consecration of the hole. We in the city there is the Association of walrus, who founded this movement. First the hole was sampled only a small group of hardened people from the Federation of winter swimming. Then like a snowball the number of applicants began to grow. Now in our city in the hole dipped a tenth part of the congregation. Thousands, tens of thousands of people. The organizers of this action can not cope with the influx of willing: they have to install tents for heating and hot water supply. Traditionally we dedicate the Jordan so the people could get water.

The tradition of Epiphany swimming has more pagan roots.

When Russia was in its infancy Christianity, the former Gentiles began to plunge into the ice-hole in Epiphany to wash away sins. Some people still seriously think that bathing in icy water has some magical effect “wash their sins”. This point of view, I even heard from famous people.

Swimming is such a bitter mob.

People trying to feel some kind of unity. Our life is not so many mass phenomena in which people can feel their community. For example, the same “Immortal regiment”. In addition, this is the time of searching for God: a man, though clumsily, but trying to get in touch with a Church holiday. There is another category of people: those who regularly tempered. For them it is a sport and Wellness holiday. The rest is to listen to the doctors, which is not the first to say that untrained people have nothing to go in the hole. You need to prepare at least a month. Start with a rubdown, then cold water, and then try to plunge.

When people climb into the hole in a condition of alcoholic intoxication — this is Orgy. The more push there is an absolute obscurantism. I would urge people to think a hundred times. If the person for bathing sick, the blame will be on him and not on God. Silly then to complain: “Well, where is your God, if I lie down after bathing with pneumonia?”.

Same thing with the water is possible though a bucket of Holy water to drink, but if there is no faith, then what’s the point? If bathing was not a reason to show off in front of friends in social networks, wishing there would be much less and people would be seriously approached.