In Canada, the murderer was caught due to a selfie with a gun crime

In Canada, the murderer was caught due to a selfie with a gun crime

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. In Canada, a girl was sentenced to seven years in prison for killing girlfriend. The crime was possible thanks to a selfie that the killer posted on Facebook, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The police of the city of Saskatoon for two years was engaged in the investigation of the murder of 18-year-old Britney Gargol which body found near a city dump.

A friend of the murdered Cheyenne rose Anthony told the police that he and a friend were drinking in one of the bars, after which Gargol left the school with a strange man.

The police drew attention to the selfie which Anthony posted after the murder. The girl had a belt that strangled Gargol.

After that, law enforcement officials noticed some discrepancies in the testimony of the suspect. One of her friends later told police that the girl herself confessed to the murder on the night the crime was committed.

Anthony claimed he did not remember how he strangled the girlfriend, but the fact of the killing is not denied.

Cheyenne Rose Antoine pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Gargol’Brittney’s death.

CBC Saskatoon published January 15, 2018,During the download an error has occurred.