Bloomberg revealed the cost of tickets for dinner with trump

Bloomberg revealed the cost of tickets for dinner with trump

In Florida at the residence of the Mar-a-Lago will host a reception in honor of the anniversary of the inauguration of the American President Donald trump. The event is scheduled for January 20, Saturday. The cost of a ticket for two to a party starts at $100,000, according to Bloomberg.

The invitation says that the ticket for the same amount entitles you to lunch and a photo with the President. For $250,000 a couple can already count on the participation in the round table.

In November, trump told reporters that he wants to celebrate a year since the election for President this month. However, he has failed to do so due to tour Asia.

According to Bloomberg, leading the evening will be Chairman of the Republican national Committee (RNC) Ronna Romney McDaniel and businessman responsible in RNA for Finance, Steve Wynn. According to the official schedule of trump, published on the White house website, the President and first lady Melania trump going to leave Washington on Friday afternoon. According to The Hill, trump with his wife spend the weekend in residence.

Earlier, trump announced that tickets for the event can you win the lottery. The drawing is held among those who transferred donations in support of the President of the United States in 2017, the minimum donation amount should be $3. The winner will receive not only complimentary invitation for two people, but also the pair will pay for the flights. Donations in the past year, took the Trump organization Victory. For the first nine months of 2017, the Americans transferred to the account of the organization of $11.1 million.