Manipulation of consciousness of girls: confessions of gaslighter

Manipulation of consciousness of girls: confessions of gaslighter

Lawyer from Canada Greg is only 28 years old but he has 11 times been in a serious relationship. He says that they all ended with infidelity on his part, and his girlfriend then lost confidence. Greg — gaslighter.

“Now, when I remember all this, I am absolutely certain that I was gaslighting — slowly but surely affect their perception of reality, forcing you to question your judgment,” he says.

Now Greg has decided to openly talk about their experiences to lift the veil of what is happening in the mind of getliteral and to help women recognize the signs of manipulation with consciousness.

Gaslighting (from the name of the movie “Gas light”, eng. Gaslight) is considered a form of psychological violence when the victim is intentionally presented false information.

The goal is to get his / her partner to doubt their own memories and their perception of events.

Greg learned about their abilities in the course of psychotherapy.

He remembers how he started a relationship with the girls: he was 21, he studied law at the University.

Paul was four years older than him and had already finished grad school. Greg describes their relationship as “romantic, but volatile”. Soon he began to have sex with other women on the side.

But Paul was a shrewd girl, and soon realized that Greg was cheating on her. According to Greg, to continue to change and save the relationship, he needed to “change the reality”.

He began to find techniques and methods by which a Hollow can be manipulated, laying the Foundation for the future lies looked more plausible.

The floor was very smart, and I knew that the traces of my infidelity you can find in the digital space, social networks.Greg

He says he began to crack jokes about her “obsession with social networks”, forcing the Floor to think that her suspicion may indeed is unhealthy and can lead to madness.

“I deliberately used the offensive language that it has lost confidence in your perception of the situation and me. I told her that she was paranoid that she was crazy and too dramatic,” he recalls.

I was just saying as like a joke, but these jokes have accumulated so much that she started to believe me.Greg

The desired effect was achieved. The floor, which more recently suspected him of infidelity, began to talk out loud about the fact that maybe she was questioning him, and, apparently, left her prudence.

Although some doubts on the Floors was still, according to Greg, she began to doubt his own judgment, brought him to apologize and promised to spend less time in social networks.

“The term “gaslighting” often misused,” says the psychologist George Simon, author of the international bestseller “Who in sheep’s clothing? How to recognize a manipulator.”

NewsWife exposed her husband’s infidelity due to the snapshot in InstagramГазлайтинг is when internally you’re absolutely sure that the situation is out of control, however, someone continues to convince you that you’re just wrong about things.Greg

“If this continues for some time, your sense of reality really begins to slowly erode. Gaslighting may take a different scale from the usual lies and exaggerations to the complete submission and domination. Greg’s case was not so extreme, but he certainly fits into this scale,” — said the expert.

Another tactic used by Greg, is to discredit women. Some of them Floor-never saw — it was those with whom he was cheating on her. But the others were her friends.