Students of the Institute of civil aviation may be responsible for a parody

Students of the Institute of civil aviation may be responsible for a parody

Transport Prosecutor’s office has not yet decided whether there is a violation of the law in their video.

Rosaviation promises to take the most stringent measures to the leadership and cadets of Ulyanovsk Institute of civil aviation (WIGA) involved in filming an erotic music video parody. The video, posted by students on YouTube, where they half-naked and uniform caps copy the same clip of the British army, received a wide resonance in the Internet and media.

Wednesday “in connection with the shooting in the dormitory of the Ulyanovsk Institute of civil aviation with the participation of 14 students of the first course of the flight Department” to investigate “all the circumstances and causes of this ugly case,” began the Commission of Federal air transport Agency, headed by Deputy head of the Department.

We are talking about appeared yesterday on YouTube a video in which the students UIGA in his underwear, uniform caps and straps under the song by Italian DJ benny Benassi “Satisfaction”, with mops, screwdrivers and irons portray BDSM-dancing (BDSM psychosexual subculture, the acronym of BD bondage, bondage and discipline DS — domination and submission SM — sadism and masochism).

The movie a parody copies the video clip from three years ago, shot by British soldiers, that was also in shorts and caps depicted in the barracks your “hours of cleaning and leisure”.During the download an error has occurred.

Published on Tuesday evening on the website of the Federal air transport Agency official a statement dancing in UIGA called “immoral scene”. Rosaviation promises that to all involved, “as among the leadership of the Ulyanovsk Institute, and among the students, will be taken strict disciplinary measures, including dismissal and charges”.

The Agency emphasizes that “this case marks the first time” in its 90-year history of civil aviation of Russia and “their actions the students insulted” all the workers of the industry.

Officials believe that “frivolous dancing in lingerie with uniform cap of the Institute on the territory of the aircraft of the University is unacceptable.” The experts of aviation medicine is recommended to make an examination of the emotional state of the participants of the shooting.

According to the adviser of the head of Rosaviation Sergey Izvolsky, the Commission will discuss with each of the participants, with all the heads, which depended on the situation, find out all the circumstances and only then by the end of this week, will decide on the measure of responsibility of each.

In parallel, the test on Wednesday the beginning of the Privolzhskiy transport Prosecutor’s office, intended “to assess the compliance of actions of trainees to the requirements of Federal law and make the complex of necessary measures.”