Near Rostov the highway and landed three combat fighter

Near Rostov the highway and landed three combat fighter

In the Rostov region in the course of military exercises on the highway landed three combat fighter, reports “First channel”.


He made a landing, the crews of su-27, su-30 and su-34. According to legend, the pilots conducted air combat with the enemy, and then had to sit on conventionally damaged strip. “The first channel” said it was a unique transaction that such heavy machinery was first landed on a road which width is four times the already familiar. The maneuver was complicated by a strong side wind. Despite this, the task of the pilots was successful.

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Earlier, local motorists warned of traffic restrictions on the highway A-260 near the village of Tatsinskaya for training.

The maneuvers of the military pilots are held in the Rostov region and Krasnodar territory. In addition to aircraft, the lessons are the crews of combat helicopters “Night hunter”, “the Terminator” and “alligator”.