Nothing special: Stormy Daniels talked about the relationship with trump

Nothing special: Stormy Daniels talked about the relationship with trump

The adult film star Stephanie Clifford, known to fans of this genre as Stormy Daniels, broke the silence. She spoke in detail about ties with trump in 2006. “Газета.Ru” — about the experiences of the actress on the billionaire.

Porn star Stormy Daniels told the magazine In Touch about her affair with Donald trump in 2006 the meeting took place at the Golf tournament for celebrities in Nevada at lake Tahoe and released a few months after married to Melania trump, the next President had a son, Barron.

Interviews with former porn actress, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was taken back in 2011. That was the first time the rumors that Donald trump had with her fornication.

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Publication saw the light of day before — a few days after the leaked information about the fact that shortly before the presidential election in 2016, the lawyer of billionaire Michael Cohen paid the woman $130 thousand for the fact that she’ll never tell anyone about the incident at the hotel on lake Tahoe.

January 10, after the corresponding article in The Wall Street Journal, the lawyer issued a statement on behalf of itself Stephanie Clifford. “The rumors that I received money from Donald trump is an absolute lie, — is spoken in the statement signed by Stormy Daniels. — If I really was in a relationship with Donald trump, believe me, you would have read about it in the news, you would read about it in my book”.

The white house said that these rumors have been refuted. However, the 2011 interview still went out — it was published in the magazine InTouch. Stormy Daniels then gave it to his good friend Randy Spirto with the support of ex-husband, Michael Mose.

Drake with #DonaldTrump at Tahoe event in 2006. Pic courtesy of Jessica Drake and @GloriaAllred

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As told to Stephanie Clifford, in a Golf tournament for celebrities American Century in July 2006, trump represented all present. “He stared and stared at me, and ran all that together we have reached the same hole”, she said in an interview. After that he supposedly appeared in the lounge of the company that produced adult movies with her participation, Wicked Pictures, has provided financial assistance to producers of paintings, and the most Stormy Daniels asked for a phone number. After they were photographed together.

“Then he asked me if I wanted to have dinner together tonight. I said, “Yes, certainly!” — said the actress. She later dressed up for the outing, came to the hotel where he stayed tramp, where it met the guard of a billionaire named Keith and invited in the room of a billionaire.

There she found the tramp on the sofa watching TV in my pajamas.

The dinner was held in the same hotel room.

At some point, says Stormy Daniels, she apologized and went to the bathroom. “When I came out, he sat on the bed and all like — “Come here.” And I was like, “Well, here we are”. And we began to kiss”.

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When it was over, recalls the actress, she spent some time in the company of the Mogul: “He said, “I’ll call you I’ll call you. I have to see you again. You’re awesome. You need to call the show “the Apprentice””. (Of course, in the popular reality show, owned by Trump, she subsequently appeared).

The actress spoke about how Donald trump has proved himself as a lover, but said that nothing special it was not. “Nothing incredible. It was exactly what you would expect from someone of his age,” said Daniels.

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“Actually, I don’t even know why I did, she added in a long interview, But I remember that before we had sex, I kept thinking: “don’t try to pay me.”

Stormy Daniels was born Stephanie Clifford, one of the most prominent activist of the American porn industry.

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Not only is she an actress, but also writer, Director, and even a politician. In 2010, she ran for Senate from his home state of Louisiana to run against the policies of Republican David Vittera Stormy Daniels convinced admirers of her talent. It is not officially belong to any particular political party, although in 2010 (the campaign began in 2009) still stated that he considered himself a Republican. However, on 15 April 2010, she publicly rejected the idea to take a seat in the Senate, because they can not afford it, and complained that the media never took seriously her political ambitions.

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How porn actress 38-year-old Stormy Daniels is much more successful: in her filmography includes more than 150 films, she has received awards for achievements in the adult film industry as an actress and as a Director.