“As long as you write it, I kill hamster”

“As long as you write it, I kill hamster”

Hundreds of thousands of rats waiting for death on farms manufacturers food for reptiles. Someone has killed babies, someone is allowed to grow. Living and dead, built empires: the network of pet stores, online service delivery, small sellers “Vkontakte”. And around the entire this is war: fans of the rats and the snakes vengeance fans demonize each other.

While some people purchase animals from soosoo, others post the names of ideological opponents dead rodents. The correspondent of “my Friend” has studied this reposity business, understand why frozen rats tasteless, and humanists are not what they seem. Tell the story of the failed rat king, which everyone knows.

Carefully, the material contains images that may shock.

“I Mongolian gerbil, protect the rights of rodents”, — seems to me in correspondence a hero. I quickly stop his attempts to reincarnate: in fact he is a sixteen year old guy, who dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Cyril leaves “Vkontakte” comments in groups of zmeegolov buying rats to feed: this is his war.

He has several accounts on this page it promotes itself “as the gerbil”: in his view, from gerbils pardon people perceive better.

He explains to me that smebody cruel: they keep live rats in the freezer, stun them and pulling teeth — to those not bitten by the snake during feeding. Cyril insists that the reptiles can do without the rat meat: “In the end, you can make cutlets from minced meat” and the ferret — “to feed on a diet”; and even “many snakes obesity.” “That’s what actually made the reptiles?” — he interrupts me.

React only to movement, incapable of anything. Rodents are more advanced, they have emotions.Cyril

The ABC feed

Snakes give live and dead rats, but not all are taking frozen food. The transition to “polufabrikaty” takes time, also without hunting a snake can become sad and hunger strike. Smebody doubt the usefulness of alternatives as seriously as the adherents of breast or artificial feeding.

Frozen rats are lightly heated and offer the snake with tweezers, simulating attack. If the snake refuses, the carcass is rubbed with lizard, chicken broth or sprayed with a means MouseMaker. The assurances of the producers, “a couple of drops on the nose of the rodent is enough to seduce any snake.” Dead, alive before serving is recommended to pierce the brain for the extra smell.

The snake is not left alone during feeding: rats can cause it serious damage, particularly if that will be passive. It is believed that it is able to deal with the rodent, but some owners still stun the rat or rip her incisors.

Nursing living often keep their small rat farm. Buy feed the rat in Moscow is not problematic: “Vkontakte” dozens of mini-stores in which you can make the weekly delivery. In medium-sized cities with service bad. Someone does not shun from time to time to chase a rat to the pet store as a tiny bag of food for the cat, but they may buy treated rat, which will poison a snake.

Freezing convenient to store: you can buy the game and defrost one or two pieces a week. “Frozen bought much more alive,” — says Dmitry Sobin, owner of the most stylish mini-store “ABC food” that mimic the style of a premium grocery store. In the reviews section in their group “Vkontakte” customers thank you for the quality packaging, compared to rats from different vendors and post thoughts about the range: “I would Like to see in the back and forage insects, especially house crickets. With wholesale prices for large orders. Be conveniently purchased at the same store feed for all animals”. Those who for some reason was not happy with the appearance of rats, Sobin sends along with the next order free hamsters. Often held shares, for example: “How often do we think about animals and completely forget about their favorite? Gift card when you purchase frozen food for the amount of 2000 rubles or more you get two tickets to any 2D session in the network of cinemas CINEMA PARK. The number of tickets is limited.” The businessman also offers a “dealer programs for ambitious entrepreneurs” that allows you to access points in other cities. There is a delivery for thirty cities in Russia. Turnover in this store and the rats — tens of thousands.