The Briton tore his throat, trying not to sneeze

The Briton tore his throat, trying not to sneeze

MOSCOW, 16 Jan — RIA Novosti. A UK resident, trying not to sneeze, broke the part of the pharynx. Curious medical case described in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

The man went to the hospital with complaints of inability to speak and sore throat. The doctors found out that when pressing on the neck of hear a crackling sound.

Tomography showed that in the tissue of the mediastinum has accumulated in the air, and in the lower part of the pharynx, where it connects with the esophagus, is open.

Obviously, the man was injured while trying to contain a sneeze. A week, the patient had to eat through a straw, but now his condition has improved.

A similar incident occurred last year in the United States. Sixteen-year-old fan of the group One Direction was in the hospital with a collapsed lung after heartily sung at their concert.