The mine was found in Africa, the fifth largest diamond in the world

The mine was found in Africa, the fifth largest diamond in the world

Moscow. January 15. INTERFAX.RU — One of the largest diamonds in the history of the world found in Kingdom of Lesotho in Africa to the Letseng mine, owned by Gem Diamonds Ltd.: the weight of the precious stone of exceptional quality is 910 carats, it said in a statement.

Gem Diamonds recovers exceptional quality 910 carat, D colour, Type IIa diamond from the Letšeng

— Gem Diamonds Limited (@GemDiamondsLtd) 15 Jan 2018.

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Colorless (scale D) stone belongs to the type IIa, that is, almost does not contain impurities of nitrogen or boron; such diamonds in the world less than 1% of production. It is the fifth largest ever found in the world and the largest for Lesotho.

The stock Gem Diamonds jumped 13% in London trading on Monday.

The Letseng mine is famous for the size and quality of diamonds. In 2006 there were found four of the 20 largest white diamonds in the world. A record of these was the diamond the Promise of Lesotho (Lesotho Promise) at 603 carats. The excellent quality provides the findings from the mine, the highest average cost in the world — about $2 million per carat last year with the world average of $120 per carat.

Gem Diamonds has not yet disclosed the plans for the diamond and tries to assess its potential value. Canadian Lucara Diamond last year sold the biggest in a century diamond Lesedi la Rona weighing over 1,100 carats for $53 million ($47.8 thousand per carat). However, the year before she was rescued by a record $63 million for a stone smaller (813 carats).

However, the brokerage company originally Liberum appreciated recordsmen Letseng $40 million, at the same time improving the assessment of the shares of Gem Diamonds.

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Last week, the Gem was shown to the world two rather large diamond from Letseng — 117 and 110 carats.

Holds the world record, the Cullinan diamond, the weight of which was 3106 carats. It was found in South Africa in 1905. Its estimated value is $2 billion, but the stone was never put up for auction. Cullinan was presented to king Edward VII and split into nine large and 96 small diamonds. The biggest of them was inserted into the British crown jewels.

The second largest diamond has long been the Excelsior (995,2 carats), which was produced in 1893 on the territory of modern South Africa, he has now moved to third place, behind the second Lesedi la Rona. On the fourth place — “the Star of Sierra Leone” weight 969 carats.