Named the main cause of mental disorders Ukrainians

Named the main cause of mental disorders Ukrainians

MOSCOW, 14 Jan — RIA Novosti. Mental disorders of Ukrainians in the majority of cases caused by alcohol and drugs, reports TV channel “Gromadske” with reference to the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

In 2016, for this reason, the doctors were forced to turn 694 928 people. As explained in the Department, we are talking about diseases such as, for example, dependence syndrome, amnestic syndrome, psychotic disorder, and others.

In second place was the cases with brain injury or cerebral dysfunction.

Such disorders, in particular, Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia. In 2016, the Ministry of health has registered 268 646 patients from this category.

Three was closed by the group with mental retardation of all degrees — 227 392 ill.

Followed by patients with schizophrenia (173 157 persons) and patients suffering from depression, phobias and anxiety (126 of 221 people).

The health Ministry stressed that the statistics only account for people held inpatient or outpatient treatment and receiving medical consultations in institutions of the Department.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine ranks first in Europe in number of people suffering from mental disorders.

According to the Ministry of social policy of the country, such problems are faced more than three percent of citizens (1.2 million people).