NASA showed a cloud belt of Jupiter

NASA showed a cloud belt of Jupiter

MOSCOW, 14 Jan — RIA Novosti. Automatic station Juno got pictures of clouds, encircling the South pole of Jupiter.

The NASA website notes that the photo was taken in December during the tenth convergence of the probe with Jupiter. The device was at a distance of more than 13 miles from the peaks of the clouds of the planet.

Probe Juno (“Juno”) was launched from Cape Canaveral in August 2011. The machine came to a stable orbit around Jupiter, only five years later. The first two months after convergence, the probe spent on the reduction of the orbit and review of all scientific instruments, the first data were received in late August.

The station is moving closer to Jupiter once in 53 days. In October 2016, the probe flew within just 10 thousand kilometers from the upper atmosphere of the planet and got a new piece of information about the structure of the subsoil and the mysterious aurorae at the poles.