The United States announced new sanctions against Russia

The United States announced new sanctions against Russia

U.S. working on sanctions against “Russian oligarchs” in the framework of the “Law on combating the enemies of America.” This was stated at a briefing in the White house by the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin.

“We’re working on it. They will be announced in the near future”, — said Mnuchin in response to the question about the list of persons against which restrictive measures are being worked out.

In turn, the newspaper “Kommersant” found out that the US Administration is preparing to submit to Congress a list of senior Russian officials and businessmen close to the highest leadership of the country. It may become defendants in more than 50 people, and families to 300.

According to the publication, hit the black list does not mean an automatic hit by the sanctions, but increases the risk of this. While in the US Democratic party are afraid that Donald trump does not want to apply to the Russians from the “Kremlin report” restrictive measures, in order not to spoil relations with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

In October 2017, the US state Department published a list of 33 Russian companies, cooperation with which can threaten the contractors with sanctions. New restrictions may be introduced in February 2018. Potential sanctions will apply to all counterparties regardless of the country of origin of a company or individual.