In Roshydromet assess the accuracy of their predictions in 96%

In Roshydromet assess the accuracy of their predictions in 96%

The accuracy of the forecasts reaches 96%. In an interview with “Kommersant” said the head of Department Maxim Yakovenko, noting: “the Quality of the prediction we on top, no matter how some believed”.

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Earlier, prosecutors asked the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy to intensify efforts “to improve the accuracy of forecasting by Roshydromet of natural hazards leading to natural disasters”.

In particular, they talked about the hurricane on may 29 in Moscow and the Moscow region, whose victims, according to prosecutors, were 16 people, injured about 200. Overall, the Supervisory Agency has estimated the damage from natural phenomena 200 million. Prosecutors came to the conclusion that “one of the reasons for the catastrophic consequences of natural disasters have become inaccurate forecasts provided by fsbi “Central ahem”, according to which on may 29 and 30 in the region of the wind gusts during the thunderstorm was not to exceed 17-22 m/s”.

“In all areas except the runway of Vnukovo (where the wind rose to 30 m/s), the forecast matched 100%, — said “Kommersant” Maxim Yakovenko.— Those places where was the tragedy, where people died, where the maximum winds did not exceed 14-15 m / sec, we have given from 17 to 21 max, so the projections were accurate”.