In the Internet appeared the video of the test the competitor of the Russian RD-180 engine

In the Internet appeared the video of the test the competitor of the Russian RD-180 engine

MOSCOW, January 10 — RIA Novosti. American company Blue Origin has tested a rocket engine BE-4. Footage from the scene the company has shared in his microblog Twitter.

Blue Origin said that she was able to exceed the goal in terms of specific impulse.

“We continue to work on deep throttling of our full-scale BE-4, capable of developing a thrust of 2.4 kilonewtons of thrust at sea level, over repeated use of the hydrostatic bearings of the pump and the stability of the starting cycles,” wrote the company on Twitter.

Latest BE-4 engine test footage where we exceeded our targets Isp. We continue to exercise the deep throttling of our full-scale 550,000 lbf BE-4, the reusability of our hydrostatic pump bearings and our stable start/stop cycles. More to follow from the ongoing tests. #BE4 #NewGlenn

— Blue Origin (@blueorigin) 8 Jan 2018

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Earlier in October 2017, the founder of Blue Origin, said the success of the first firing tests of the new engine BE-4.

The new engine BE-4 will be used for the booster Vulcan, which is developing the ULA as a replacement for Atlas V with the Russian RD-180. It is also expected that the BE-4 will be installed on new launch vehicles heavy class Glenn New development Blue Origin.

In 1997, Moscow and Washington signed an agreement almost a billion dollars on the supply of 101 RD-180 engine. A year and a half ago, the US Congress imposed a ban on their use after 2019, but then canceled it when it became clear that its engines over the next three years in the United States will not be created. Immediately after that, the consortium ULA at the request of the Pentagon has ordered the NGO “Energomash” an additional 20 RD-180.