Ruslana called the Ukrainians the descendants of the Sumerians

Ruslana called the Ukrainians the descendants of the Sumerians

MOSCOW, 4 Jan — RIA Novosti. Singer Ruslana, who won Eurovision in 2004, believes that the roots of the Ukrainian nation go back to the ancient civilization of the Sumerians, who inhabited southern Mesopotamia in the second Millennium BC. She declared it in interview to the channel “112”.

Ruslan commented on his call to fellow citizens to “remove the trousers” and abandon the “Ukrainianization” of the country. “…We are a country much deeper, much historical, much more interesting, authentic, is much more exotic. Our roots say about ancient cultures and civilizations. The country, which had of the Scythians, Sarmatians, Tripoli, Sumer, and we have with Egypt to compete every day in the domain”, — said the singer.

“”Bloomers” is a relative term, not literally, when we don’t know their authentic culture and use pseudo-folk creativity, which we just replaced. Replaced those songs that wrote, those movements that have imposed,” — said Ruslan.

Earlier, the singer compared with Ukrainization Russification, when the Ukrainians allegedly “imposed on the content of movies” and rewrite history. According to Ruslana Ukrainians need a new image for their country which would be associated not only with embroidery.