Doctors told how to get enough sleep every day

Doctors told how to get enough sleep every day

MOSCOW, 1 Jan — RIA Novosti. Professional sleep, the doctor of medical Sciences from the University of Sydney Carmel Harrington told why even after eight hours of sleep a feel tired and sleepy. Expert quoted by The Daily Mail.

According to her, the main mistake of those who encounters a similar problem — the absence of a permanent regime.

It is extremely important to get up and go to bed at about the same time, otherwise the quality of sleep is drastically reduced, the specialist stressed.

“Most people don’t realize that the time they Wake up, affects the time when they will be able to sleep”, she said. Harrington explained that at the moment when a person sees the morning light, the brain stops the production of melatonin, which regulates circadian rhythms, and it is at this point in time recorded individual “biological clock”.

The somnology noted that minor deviations from the usual order of the day is still possible, however they should not exceed 60 minutes.