Born in a shirt: “the luckiest cyclist in the world” was on video

Born in a shirt: “the luckiest cyclist in the world” was on video

MOSCOW, 1 Jan — RIA Novosti. Professional 31-year-old BMX rider Anthony Napolitan performing trick almost landed on a metal pin. This is evidenced by the video, which he posted to Instagram.

The athlete tried to jump the bike over the fence, making a 360 degree rotation through the head. However, the trick failed: Napolitan “sat” on the fence.

The extreme has managed to avoid injury.

The footage shows how the driver dumped the bike and went quietly down to the ground.

“I really don’t know how to describe it, except for the fact that I am really lucky — written by Anthony Napolitan on his page in Instagram. — I was riding my BMX, when suddenly there was this crazy.”

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In two days the video has gained over 260 thousand views and nearly three thousand comments. Many users found it athlete, “the luckiest cyclist” and expressed the hope that in the future it will not leave luck.

“I have no words. Glad you’re OK,” wrote srmorgan81.

“You’re a miracle, dude,” commented tjatniel.

“Oh my God, you almost died,” he responded finlayedwards.

Negative reviews and comments by writing, almost was not, but many users asked, not trying to do Napolitan to repeat the trick.