All hostages freed in Kharkiv

All hostages freed in Kharkiv

TASS, 30 Dec. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the successful completion of the operation to free hostages in post office in Kharkov.

“All hostages in Kharkov, was released. The assailant arrested. Instructed local authorities to provide victims with all necessary help”, — wrote the head of state in Twitter.

The taking of hostages at the post office in Kharkiv, Shevchenko street happened at about 14:40 (15:40 GMT). According to police, an unidentified masked man broke into the mail and tried it to Rob, and then took hostage 11 people, including two children. A few hours later through negotiations, the police managed to secure the release of three women and two children.

What are the requirements put forth by the invader is not reported, it is known that he was threatened with explosives. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. A criminal case under the article about the hostage taking, the attacker threatens from 7 till 15 years of prison.