Reuters reported on the supply of Russian ships of oil to the DPRK

Reuters reported on the supply of Russian ships of oil to the DPRK

Approval from European sources Reuters, in the autumn there were a few cases when the Russian ships transported oil in a North Korean ship.

From Russia are supplying oil or oil products to North Korea in defiance of UN sanctions, says Reuters, citing sources in European security. Information about deliveries in October and November indicates that in the process of smuggling from Russia to the DPRK allegedly included the Russian ships.

“The Russian ships had made the transportation of petroleum products on the North Korean ships on several occasions this year” — said the source Agency in the security service. A second source told Reuters that there is no evidence that the Russian government is involved in these deliveries, although the fact of transferring fuel from ship to ship, he confirmed.

“There is no evidence that they supported the Russian government, but these Russian ships give way of life to North Koreans,” said a second European source Reuters.

Sources mentioned data of naval intelligence and satellite images of the Russian ships operating in the Pacific. The Russian foreign Ministry and the Customs service declined to comment.

Reuters was unable to find independent confirmation that such supplies were, it’s unknown how much fuel could be sold.

Satellite pictures show “unusual movement of some Russian ships, described by the sources, including disconnection of transponders that allow you to set the exact position of the ship.”