The court convicted the former head of “Rosgranitsa” in the case of fraud

The court convicted the former head of “Rosgranitsa” in the case of fraud

MOSCOW, 29 Dec — RIA Novosti. Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow has recognized guilty in the theft of nearly 500 million rubles, the former head of Rosgranitsa Dmitry Bezdelov and eight other defendants, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

The reading of the sentence is currently ongoing.

Prosecutor in the debate of the parties asked to convict and sentence Bezdelov to ten years in prison for his former Deputy Boris Khaytovych the prosecution requested nine years in prison. Other defendants in the case the Prosecutor asked for three to eight years in prison.

Criminal case about the theft of almost half a billion rubles against Bezdelov and eight other defendants, including the Khaytovych, was originally divided. Previously, the court remanded both cases to the Prosecutor for Union, but the Moscow city court has cancelled this decision and sent both cases back to the Meshchansky court for consideration.

According to investigators, Bezdelov in 2009, together with the head of the state Directorate for the construction and operation of facilities Rosgranitsa Oleg Senkevich and head of Department of arrangement of objects of the state border and the administrative border crossing points of the Russian border Danila Vavilov created a criminal community. Investigators say that from September 2009 to may 2013 they stole and legalized more than 490 million rubles.

The former head of the Federal Agency on arrangement of state border of the Russian Federation Dmitry Bezdelov in petty-bourgeois court of Moscow. 29 Dec 2017.

According to the investigation, we are talking about the embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the design, construction, renovation, equipment and other equipment of border crossing points through the border of Russia.

In addition, according to investigators, the criminal activities Bezdelov was attracted by its Vice Khaytovych and a number of senior employees of Rosgranstroy and CEOs of controlled commercial organizations.

All the defendants deny their guilt.