Kindergarten for adults opened in Saratov

Kindergarten for adults opened in Saratov

To eat a serving of semolina, to bite of her casserole and drink all the cocoa is the best way to experience a carefree childhood. In Saratov, seriously propose to implement such a technique, the city opened the first kindergarten for adults.

In the menu of local dining favorite childhood cereals, puddings and cocoa. The main entertainment — clay molding, singing, dancing, painting, playing in sand, and more, so I wanted to make in my childhood.

The basic rule of kindergarten for adults — no gadgets, SMS, phone calls and emails while on holiday. The outside world should not detract from specific location, otherwise not be able to “rest in Goa”.

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Visitors are divided into several age groups. In each not more than ten people. Throughout the whole day with them educators with experience in preschool, reported by “Saratov 24”.

The idea of creating a kindergarten for adults belongs to Petrovskomu programmer Eugene, which opened this establishment in 2016 in Novosibirsk.

“My daughter enjoys going to kindergarten. My friends and I somehow also talked when I was happy, and agreed that happiness was a long time ago in my childhood. Hence, the idea of a kindergarten for adults,” said Pyatkovsky.

Kindergarten for adults now is in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Saratov. The cost of one day of this exotic holiday is 3000 rubles.