Confirmed pregnancy from Matilda Nicholas II

Confirmed pregnancy from Matilda Nicholas II

The Director of the state Archives of Larisa Rogova has confirmed the authenticity of the fragment from the diary of the ballerina Matilda Kschessinska, in which she writes about her pregnancy. On Thursday, December 28, the radio station “Moscow Says”.

According to Horn, the correspondent of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” reported on the discovery earlier in December and did find the excerpt in the archive.

In the memoirs there is a crossed out fragment of memories cited by the journalist in his article. Notes in the typewritten version of the memoirs made by Kschessinska. Such conclusion allows to make a comparison of handwriting in the memories with samples of her handwriting in other handwritten documents, which she is the author.Larisa Regauditor State Archives

In the material on it was argued that the reporter managed to find one of the cut pieces of the diaries. The passage suggests that Mathilde was pregnant with Prince Nicholas Romanov, later Emperor Nicholas II.

“I also eventually flew out of the sleigh into the snow and badly injured. If not for this misfortune, I would be soon a mother. Only later when I was older, I realized that while lost. It was said afterwards that I had a child to be Heir, but it was not true. I’ve often regretted that he had no”, — quotes the edition an excerpt from the diary of a ballerina.