A female volunteer fell into the well and found the missing boy

A female volunteer fell into the well and found the missing boy

In the village of Cheremshan near Kazan miraculously managed to find 10-year-old boy who disappeared while walking. Bulat was looking for and the rescuers and local residents, but nearly 6 hours of searching yielded no result.

But then one of the female volunteers — the wife of an officer of the Ministry ghoulia Yarullin, who helped in the search for the child her husband suddenly fell into the open hatch. There against the wall she saw a boy on a sled. She thought he was dead. The woman began to scream, and then Bulat woke up.

It turned out that he was riding on a sled during a heavy snowstorm fell into an open manhole. The child himself to get out could not. He called for help but no one heard.

Then Bulat lay down on the sled and fell asleep. Due to the fact that he was at the wall of the reservoir, fell into the hatch ghoulia child is not traumatized.

However, she received a spinal injury, so she can not long sit and walk, according to the website НТВ.Ru. However, to stay in the hospital, the woman did not, after all, at home waiting for her two daughters, for whom need looking after while their father is a lifeguard on the job.