The Ministry of Finance for the first time revealed the salaries of Ministers

The Ministry of Finance for the first time revealed the salaries of Ministers

The Ministry of Finance as part of their “open data” first published average monthly wage in the Federal state bodies, including disclosed the wages of the majority of Ministers. The data cover the period 2016.

In 2017, the salaries of officials are not indexed, although the average wage could still increase, for example, because agencies are allowed to a limited extent to use the salary Fund for vacant positions for additional payments to staff.

The data disclosed in the context of governments and include information about employees ‘ salaries, substitute “public office”.

According to the presidential decree of 1995, to the persons holding state positions include the President, the Prime Minister and his deputies, Federal Ministers.

In addition, the gosdolzhnosti ranked as the chairmen of the state Duma and the Federation Council, deputies and senators, the head of the accounting chamber and its auditors, Federal judges and the presidents of the higher courts.

In the ministries, only one person replaces public office — the Minister, the text of the decree. This was confirmed by RBC two sources in the Federal ministries (Deputy Ministers should be civil servants). On this basis, the data of the Ministry of Finance actually disclose the average monthly salary of each of the Ministers. The Ministers in the annual declarations to publish their income, but not wages.


The highest salary in 2016 was the Minister of Finance — 1.73 million rubles, follows from the data of the Ministry of Finance. On the basis of an anti-corruption Declaration Anton Siluanov, payroll, accounted for 22% of income in 2016.

In April, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the Ministry of Finance “superbeasto”, which managed to take control of the budget deficit in a period of low oil prices. The press service of the Ministry of Finance declined to comment

Half a million less than were received by the Minister of economic development and the Minister of energy of 1.27 million and 1.16 million rubles, respectively. Until mid-November 2016 reporting year, the post of Minister of economic development took Alexei Ulyukayev, who was recently convicted for bribery.

Slightly less than million in the past year received the Minister of emergency situations (954 thousand.) and the Minister of industry and trade (921 thousand rubles). The ten Federal Ministers with the highest salaries were also the Ministers of justice, sports, foreign Affairs, health and education (ranging from 497 to 634 thousand rubles).

In the open data of the Ministry of Finance has no information on salaries in the defense Ministry and the interior Ministry, as in the secret service the FSB and SVR. There is also no information about the salary of the President of Russia.