The lost works of Raphael 500 years was on everyone’s mind

The lost works of Raphael 500 years was on everyone’s mind

Wall painting discovered in the process of restoration of the hall in the papal Palace. Previously it was thought that it belongs to the brush of her students.

The Vatican found the two works of Raphael. The works of the great masters of the Renaissance were hiding in plain sight for almost 500 years.

As it turned out, before the death of Rafael tried to write with oil paints in one of the halls of the Pontifical Palace, but did not have time to finish the job. Started by the artist wall painting was completed by his disciples, and information about the authorship of the two figures was lost. Says the CNN correspondent to the Vatican Delia Gallager:

“Raphael, the Renaissance artist, known for his frescoes in the Vatican, but it turned out that he began to paint and another room of the papal Palace. Two other wall oil painting was discovered only now. In the so-called Hall of Constantine in those days were magnificent banquets for the higher Church hierarches. Now is the cleaning and restoration process, which was done this is a unique discovery. On one of the walls was discovered two female figures, painted by the brush of Raphael and symbolizing Justice and Friendship. The artist had planned to paint with oil paint the entire wall, although the traditional technique was fresco. Unfortunately, the artist died, and not having time to finish the job. Over the centuries the figure of Raphael lost among the late additions to the mural”.

The first indication that somewhere in the papal Palace there are the lost the wizard, was discovered in the works of the historian of the XVI century by Giorgio Vasari. It said that before his death, Rafael began to experiment with oil paints

“In the process of restoration, it became clear that Justice and Friendship can only belong to his brush. This said, the confidence of the strokes of the author, the use of specific colors and the absence of any signs of preparatory sketches under the images. Guess I managed to confirm by means of an infrared snapshot. Renovations of the new hall with works of Rafael will continue at least until 2022”.

Two paintings by the Renaissance artist Raphael have been discovered at the Vatican – after being hidden for 500 years

— CNN (@CNN) December 16, 2017

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Before the discovery of the figures of Raphael was considered that the Hall of Constantine in the papal Palace were painted by the students of the painter. The great master died in 1520 at age 37, presumably, April 6, his birthday.