“I would have gone that girl with a belt”

“I would have gone that girl with a belt”

As participants of the Russian talk show poison their presenters, guests and audience. The Story Of “Medusa”.

12-year-old Anastasia from Saint-Petersburg 13 Nov posted on YouTube a ninety-minute roller with a request to stop the humiliation of the heroes program on Russian television. She was a member of the show “let’s get married!” (which came with the father) — and after the transfer it started to veer into the Internet. The girl believes that a feeding frenzy started due to statements by leading “let’s get married!”. Badgering, rudeness and mistrust of the leading “experts” in the Studio complained and other participants of the Russian TV show — for example, Natalia Samikova, told in the program “Male/Female” about how she was beaten by her husband. On request “Medusa” Anna Rodina find out who and why humiliate members of the popular gear — and what does that mean for people who went to the live support.

“Terrible mother-in-law ten times”

“Nightmare child. A walking monster,” “the Ugly girl. Like from a horror movie”, “This little bitch so learn remotely, as the school in the society of normal children, she’s certainly not the place.” It’s comments on YouTube under the entry of air, “let’s get married!” of October 19, 2017. In the program “let’s get married!”, which goes on the First channel since 2008, leading help the guest (or the guest) choose a couple of the three candidates for his hand and heart. October 19, came to the Studio a 46-year-old neurosurgeon Anton with a 12-year-old daughter Anastasia. Despite the fact that the hero was the man, after graduation in social networks was mainly focused on his daughter.

Anastasia remotely studying in American school and says that she has a trusting relationship with the father. In the broadcast she talked about their interests and opinions — for example, that in school they are discussing the issues of religion, international politics and feminism, and her heroine is 20-year-old activist Malala Yusufzai (as she says Anastasia, her speech was edited in such a way as to exhibit in an unfavorable light). Girl who lives with mom, dad, says that his father “wanted a girl who would support him” and that he would be interested to discuss “something other than logistics — that is, who went where”.

During recording, Anastasia refused to give his date of birth astrologer and co-host of the program Tamara Globa said that horoscope compatibility she doesn’t need, because the bride will not choose it.

All three prospective brides found the girl is well educated, smart and reasonable, but the leading thought for 12-year-old she’s too devoted to the personal life of the father, insincere, “says veteran middle-aged woman” and as the main host of “let’s get married!” Larissa Guzeeva, the “terrible mother-in-law ten times.” Instagram producer transfer of Catherine Muravitskii under the announcement of this release Guzeeva wrote “Aaaassss!” It was supported by other users: “Rude, insolent child. All up in my business.”

I’d squeezed brainless and arrogant this punks head between his legs and departed her belt!! Parents raised such a cynical, arrogant, self-righteous monster!Internet user

Psychologist Alain Prihodko believes that the host of a popular television show often show emotional abuse in the programs: severely criticize them and blame them, using their power and authority with the public.

In this case, in the Studio, there was a girl with a sense of self-esteem, able to defend its borders. With such people in the Studio, leading virtually not face. They were frustrated by the behavior of 12-year-old man who told them “no” and used the familiar weapons — evaluative statements.Alain Praedicatione

According to psychologist Larisa Guzeeva are unable to deal with anger in a child: “Adults often don’t stand when you disagree with them those whom they used to see in the position of the employee, and is not able to perceive with respect.”

“The program came in three hours of the day and in the evening under the video, it was already ten comments, — says Anastasia in an interview with “Medusa”. Nine of them were absolutely terrible.” Users wrote that the girl wants to “silence or hung zvizdyuley” — and even “knock the teeth”. “If I had a daughter was, I would have strangled her long ago,” wrote the spectator. A day after the program aired such comments under the video on YouTube was already a few hundred.

During the download an error has occurred.The release of “let’s get married!” with the participation of 12-year-old Anastasia and her father Anton let’s get married!

Anastasia has faced with online bullying for the first time. Comments she was reading with dad says that mom saw it too, but “located in the theme where I was bullied, and I understand.” She explains the reaction of the audience to the fact that people like to watch how one person humiliates another. “But it depends on the format: if during rap battle, both parties agree that they will each other to humiliate, maybe even signed some document like “today I will be insulted”, that my dad never signed the papers,” says Anastasia.

Before going to Ostankino her dad specifically asked the editor to the Studio everyone was friendly and this experience left an unpleasant for girls.

He was assured that there is nothing to fear. “Before writing the editor a few times walked with me on the script, but when I went to the Studio, everything went quite differently,” — says the girl.

Her father believes that the negative tone of the discussion, the girls asked themselves, leading the program — and that they bear the blame for her persecution. The Anastasia is also confident that, if the leading focus on her positive qualities or successes in school, the reaction would have been different. The example she cites Daria’s instagram of Beletsky, editor of the program “let’s get married!”: Beleckij posted a photo of Anastasia with the caption “Love this girl” — and under it was not offensive comments.

After participation in the program Anastasia with dad’s help recorded a ninety-minute video in which he asked the General Director of channel Konstantin Ernst and State Duma deputies “to study the full recording of the program and subject to humiliation and injury by leading me”. Video father and daughter posted on utub and Twitter, noting all who could pay attention to the problem — from the official account of the state Duma and the First channel to the works of Sasha Spielberg. The movie scored a total of 198 hits, and a call to help in the fight against bullying is not responded to no one but relatives and former classmates Anastasia.

“If she cries, I can see that she’s alive”

Anastasia is not the only guest of the Studio “let’s get married!”, which presenters spoke unflattering. “The bride” Alain, which led to the Studio of his young son with autism, Larisa Guzeeva called “infantile” as well as “bad and irresponsible” — because she decided to break up with the father of the child, not felt him near, and to move to Moscow.

During the download an error has occurred.

“No maternal instinct I can’t see you, because when there are problems with children, you never think about any ambitions and Moscow, — said the heroine Guzeeva. — I guess, a mother who really wanted a baby, at night to wash the floors in the hallways, and early in the morning washes all pharmacies in the County, then makes the child a massage, because I had learned to do massage.”

Because you were not forced and pleaded: Rodi, Allen, Rodi! It is absolutely your were here for such a childish act. You wanted me to.Larisa Guzeeva

14-year-old Lena is the second time he came to the Studio with dad”bridegroom”, from Guzeeva got the title “little monstrilla” — because Lena believes that her father provided the bride with a work and residence permit.

I would take now the strap, dragged your child into a dark room — don’t listen to me, guardianship and so would have walked! If she was going to cry, at least I’ll see that she’s alive.Larisa Guzeeva

The girl wept, and Guzeeva added that she was “need is such a stress.”

On request “Medusa” comments on Larisa Guzeeva not answered. However, her co-host Tamara Globa told the “Medusa” that she felt sorry for Lena and now and two years ago (when the girl’s father first came on the air). “She was 12 year old and say everything he thinks. Now restrained, because in these two years experienced a period of persecution: when on the proposal for what it is, as “grandmother Lukerya” (the nickname she gave Larisa Guzeeva — approx. “Medusa”), they reasoned, how much of the bride to be money.” Globa said that the release of the program watched by classmates and friends of Lena and “her from them then got the order”. Globa believes the persecution of teenagers are terrible, but believes that this may be an important lesson. According to a leading, if the County is not “explained” that his behavior was not to be, she didn’t reconsider their views.