A friend of 60 years, the Hawaiians were brothers

A friend of 60 years, the Hawaiians were brothers

Two friends from Hawaii who met 60 years ago, were half-brothers. It is reported by KHON2.

Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlan been friends since the sixth grade. Neither one nor the other is almost no family left. Robinson grew up in foster care and knew nothing about her biological parents. He had a younger brother, but he died when he was 19 years old. McFarlane was raised by a single mother, and his father he never met.

Robinson tried to find biological relatives in social networks, but without much success. Then he took advantage of the service Ancestry.com which helps to find relatives with DNA.

In the service’s database and found a user with the same X-chromosome, like the Robinson. It was Macfarlan, which appealed to Ancestry.com the company informed. The coincidence of the X chromosome means that my friends have the same mother but different fathers.

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