Vodka loses a degree

Vodka loses a degree

Senators propose to make the drink weaker.

Vodka next year may lose the degree. A group of senators has proposed legislation to clarify the definition of the drink and reduce the amount of ethanol in it to 37.5%.

This is done to remove the contradiction between the law and the standards.

The law “On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol…” (171-FZ) it is written that vodka is a drink which is produced on the basis of ethyl alcohol by 38-56%. Senators Sergei Ryabukhin, Yevgeny Bushmin and Vitaly Shuba propose to amend the law and reduce the minimum strength of vodka. From the document parliamentarians, it follows that the alcohol content in it should be from 37.5 to 56%. The same minimum threshold specified in the Guest “Vodka and vodka special. General technical conditions”.

Senators proposed amendments remove the existing contradiction. 171-FZ of GOST and binding manufacturers. The entry into force of the amendments senators are scheduled for July 1, 2018. The bill was parliamentarians in the state Duma on 9 December. Profile for this document, the Committee on ekonompolitike has already recommended amendments to reading in the spring session.

— In the description of the special properties of the product with the appellation of origin “Russian vodka” also said that her lower fortress is 37.5%, — told “Izvestia” Senator Sergey riabukhin. Legal conflict is important to resolve and, given this fact.

By lowering the fortress on the level of the law in Russia may be a “new” vodka.

It will have an unusual taste, the head of the center of researches Federal and the regional markets Vadim Drobiz.

Three years ago the illegal producers actively practiced manufacture as weak vodka at 37.5 degrees. It saves alcohol, — said Vadim Drobiz. — The demand for it was enormous due to the unusual taste, he interestingly enough has changed. The drink was softer. Manufacturers argued that intoxication from alcohol was more long-lasting compared to the classic vodka.