Scientists have found that keeping marriage to enjoy life

Scientists have found that keeping marriage to enjoy life

MOSCOW, 25 Dec — RIA Novosti. Canadian scientists found that married or living with their partners, people tend to experience greater satisfaction from life than singles. The study was conducted in the UK, the results have been published in the journal of Happiness Studies.

Shawn Grover and John Helliwell from the Vancouver school of Economics analyzed two databases, which provides information about the level of moral-psychological status of citizens of the United Kingdom. The first database, British Household Panel Survey contains information on family status 30 thousands of people and their subjective assessment of their own status. A second database UK APS, stated similar facts about another 350 thousands of British.

After reviewing the database, the researchers noted the high level of life satisfaction among married people. It is noted that, although over time the positive effect of marriage is eroding, married the British still feel happier single. Interestingly, a prerequisite to a good marriage is also a high level of contentment with life.

Earlier studies have shown that loneliness in old age may lead to dementia and the associated social exclusion — coronary heart disease.