Died one of the founders of the Runet Valery Bardin

Died one of the founders of the Runet Valery Bardin

The cause of death, according to his wife, was cancer.

MOSCOW, December 26. /TASS/. A well-known researcher, author of a number of advanced computer technology, one of the founders of the Russian segment of the Internet Valery Bardin died in Moscow. TASS Tuesday said his wife.

The cause of death, according to her, was cancer.

Bardin was born on 6 January 1954, graduated from Moscow engineering physics Institute, worked as a programmer in the Institute of atomic energy. I. V. Kurchatova (now the national research center “Kurchatov Institute”).

It was there with the active participation of Bardeen at the end of 1980-ies was established computer network soon connected to the Internet.

Subsequently, he participated in the creation of a large number of projects in the field of computer networking and information technology. Among them — a Soviet operating system demos, the first in Russia Internet providers “demos” and “Relcom”, the first online news media “national news service”, the national electronic library, analytical database “Integrum”.

The last years of his life Bardin collaborated with TASS. With his participation was created by the Agency from 2017 a unique system for determining the subject matter of the texts on the basis of artificial intelligence technologies.

Bardin laureate of the USSR Council of Ministers (1988), winner of the National Intel Internet award 2000 in the category “the Business of Life”.

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